SS0160 - Land off Bildeston Road/Castle Road, Offton

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BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive)

Representation ID: 8034

Received: 10/11/2017

Respondent: Country House Homes Ltd


This site has the potential to provide vehicular access to both Bildeston Road and Castle Road. Additionally it has potential to provide pedestrian access to Bildeston Road, Castle Road, PROW W418026 and to a new PROW to Castle Lane (subject to agreement). The site has potential to contain a 15m wide Landscape Buffer to the west, protecting the wider landscape and to deliver some 45 to 50 Dwellings which would include some 8 to 12 Local Need Homes and approximately 6 Key Worker Homes. This delivery would greatly aid the Councils current 5 Year Housing Land Supply shortfall.

Full text:

We Object to the Council's rejection of siteSS0160. Country House Homes Ltd have been appointed to promote this site to the LPA and are making this representation on behalf of the landowners. The Council has carried out an assessment of the site and have cited following reason for Rejection; "the site is poorly related to the village settlement" we are of the opinion that this assessment is flawed. The site is well related to the existing village settlement and can readily be assimilated. The site abuts the Offton Settlement Boundary on its eastern edge and is directly adjacent to the settlement.