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BMSDC Joint Local Plan Preferred Options (interactive)

Representation ID: 16377

Received: 29/08/2019

Respondent: Mr Roy Barker


Welcome the settlement Boundary.

Full text:

These are my personnel views on the new Joint Plan (July 2019). have been a district councillors for 16 years and involved in planning for all those years , I hope my comments will been given some weight!!.
Following the consultation event at Elmswell. my comments are as following.

1.I was please that cluster of housing within the countryside, is welcomed by the district councils, although It has to be defined in the document please.
2.the other general point is old inactive farmsteads should be considered for limited housing as there is small number of sites that could take some small developments without any advise effect to the countryside and this would also support the local service centres.
3.Agricultural is hardly mention in the document, it is one of the main drivers of the economy in the two districts . 'a thriving agriculture is a thriving countryside '
4.Would be great. if the Elmswell Relieve Road was mentioned in the document.

Parishes of the old Badwell Ward.
Badwell Ash.
Page 285. Happy with the settlement boundary, but should be enlarged to take in recent passed planning applications. (Broadway and old gravel pit site Hunston road.)
Page 286. SS0558. The settlement boundary could be enlarged to the south of the main road through the Hamlet to take in all the small agricultural field with it,s rear hedge as the boundary. and Not splitting the field in two making the rear half none productive from a farming aspect.( similar to SS0809 the otherside of the road.) Any new passed planning application should be included in the red line.( Hutchins One)
Welcome the redundant farmstead (Street Farm) included in the red line (SS 0380). support the division of the arable field(SS0380).
Great Ashfield.
Fully welcome the settlement boundary,within the village. only suggestion would be to include the garden section of Hatton cottage, Church Green within the red line.
Welcome SS0815 being included in the red line.
Welcome the settlement Boundary.
Welcome a settlement Boundary (Kiln Lane,page 406). Please include any recent passed application within the red line (Street Farm).
Welcome the settlement Boundary. SS0084 could be extended to the back hedge line. where the Sewer crosses the field behind the hedge line. It is dividing the field making the rear area none farmingable ( if there is such a word!!) SS0738. should be extended to be able to take a estate development and not roadside lineal development.
No change. But should take in recent passed application. (Winchester House application)