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BMSDC Joint Local Plan Preferred Options (interactive)

Representation ID: 19414

Received: 30/09/2019

Respondent: Trustees of the Tollemache 1965 Settlement

Agent: Strutt and Parker


SS1145 has been discounted on suitability grounds due to heritage concerns. We note that this is the only issue concerning the site's suitability. As such, subject to alleviating the Council's heritage concern the site should be considered suitable, available and achievable. Preliminary Heritage Assessment in full submission. Development of the Site for housing would need to be sensitively designed, at a low density and to an overall scale that was in-keeping with the character and appearance of this part of the village. Detailed design should also reflect traditional Suffolk vernacular, both in terms of architectural features, external materials, roof pitch/design, and scale/massing. Such attention to detail would help to mitigate any impact on the setting of the nearest listed buildings, and help to mitigate the overall impact of residential development on the character of this part of the village.

Full text:

Please see attachment for full submission.