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BMSDC Joint Local Plan Preferred Options (interactive)

Representation ID: 16252

Received: 15/08/2019

Respondent: Mr Charlie Oliver


We propose the boundary is amended to incorporate a wider area in commercial use and therefore brown field.

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We write on behalf of our client, Mr C Oliver, who owns Moat Tye Livery.

It is noted that the proposed development ‘envelope’ for Moats Tye includes our client’s entrance, but not the range of buildings. Much of the site was put forward under the Call for Sites, reference SS0656.

Moats Tye livery is a brownfield site having got planning permission, ref 1962/12 for equestrian use and used as such. Part of a large barn on site (150 m²) was also notified as permitted development in 2013 for change of use to storage (B8). Accepted by email on 23 June 2014 by your Authority.

It is considered that the development boundary should encompass the ‘built’ area of Moats Tye Livery, or at least the call for site area recognising its status and use.


BMSDC Joint Local Plan Preferred Options (interactive)

Representation ID: 18410

Received: 27/09/2019

Respondent: mr Charles Oliver


I would like to see the Local Development Plan for Moats Tye to include the adjoining call for sites Ref: SS0656.

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Please see attached consultation response