Bedfield - Little Green

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BMSDC Joint Local Plan Preferred Options (interactive)

Representation ID: 16682

Received: 17/09/2019

Respondent: Bedfield Parish Council


Bedfield Parish Council have always identified the area as larger than that identified on page 353. Accordingly, a revised plan which shows the real settlement boundary as defined by local knowledge is provided. The additional area alone comprises of 10 dwellings with their associated gardens which very much contribute towards the overall community of Bedfield. If this is excluded then BMSDC have not provided a realistic assessment of the village itself, neither would it meet the criteria set by the 2019 Local Plan consultation document in paragraph 8.03 where it states that hamlets are those areas of 10 or more dwellings.
(See appendix 1 map)

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Please see attached document and two maps for full submission.