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BMSDC Joint Local Plan Preferred Options (interactive)

Representation ID: 17524

Received: 27/09/2019

Respondent: Mr Michael Crouch


Object to the redrawn built up area behind Hill Cottage and Long Reach on the Street and the inclusion of these long back gardens within the village boundary.

Full text:

I object to the redrawn BUA behind Hill Cottage and Long Reach on the Street. The BUA currently (and indeed since its inception in the 1980's) excludes the top half of these gardens from the BUA. Many of the other long rear gardens in this village have been similarly treated. All the others remain unaltered except those behind Hill Cottage. Other than the removal of a single garage and the introduction of a double garage on the same site there has been no change in circumstances over the last 30 years or so. Other garages and significant outbuildings, elsewhere in the village are, also, still excluded from the BUA. This redrawing of the BUA here will also, inevitably, place more development pressure on the large, open paddock immediately to the north-east. I can, therefore, see no justification for this amendment which appears random and without any planning reason.