LA050 – Allocation: Land

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BMSDC Joint Local Plan - Pre-Submission Reg19 (interactive) 2020

Representation ID: 22181

Received: 24/12/2020

Respondent: Suffolk County Council

Legally compliant? Not specified

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? Not specified


In its regulation 18 consultation response, SCC made several recommendations regarding site specific policies to inform developers and decision makers. The majority of these recommendations have been included in the plan, however some appear to have been missed. In order to align the plan with national policy (NPPF) and effective at protecting and enhancing Rights of Way, the missed recommendations should be included in site specific policies. SCC considers that the proposed modifications should be incorporated into the plan for it to be sound.

Change suggested by respondent:

A Right of Way forms part of the boundary for this site. This should be retained and enhanced, to enable access to the countryside and active transport.

Full text:

Please see attached full representation from Suffolk County Council.