Stowupland (Core Village)

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BMSDC Joint Local Plan - Pre-Submission Reg19 (interactive) 2020

Representation ID: 21244

Received: 23/12/2020

Respondent: Mrs Margaret Podd

Legally compliant? Yes

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? Yes


Windfall sites, not just allocations, need to be taken into account when assessing health care requirement in rural areas.
The potential need for health care facilities in Stowupland needs to be reflected in the housing allocation policies.

Change suggested by respondent:

The IDP needs to include an assessment of windfall sites within the catchment of rual health care centres.
The ability of Mendlesham Health Centre to provide adequate parking as part of any expansion needs to be assessed.
The housing site allocations in Stowupland should include an indication of the preferred location for any new health care provision required.

Full text:

The Healthcare Practice table in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan only refers to the number of new dwellings deriving from site allocations. For a rural practice a significant proportion of new dwellings will come from windfall sites. Housing from windfall sites needs to be included when assessing the level of expansion required to health facilities.
Clarification is sought as to whether there is capacity on the existing medical centre site at Mendlesham to accommodate the expansion required, particularly additional car parking.
It is not clear how the likely requirement for healthcare provision to serve Stowupland will be provided, as no mention is made in the allocations in Stowupland for a site for a new medical centre, in contrast to the provision for a site for a school in Policy LA078.