Finningham (Hinterland)

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BMSDC Joint Local Plan - Pre-Submission Reg19 (interactive) 2020

Representation ID: 21515

Received: 21/12/2020

Respondent: Burgess Homes Ltd

Agent: Phil Cobbold Planning Ltd

Legally compliant? Not specified

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? Not specified


The JLP is not positively prepared, justified, effective or consistent with national policy.
The settlement boundary shown on the Inset Map for Finningham omits Highbank Meadows, a development of
6 homes in Westhorpe Road. Highbank Meadows is illustrated on the attached plan.
The land adjacent to Highbank Meadow could accommodate 6-8 dwellings in a form which would continue the existing linear pattern of development in the area. Given that there is existing development to the east and north of the site, the development of the land would not represent intrusion into the open countryside.

Change suggested by respondent:

1. Introduce policies which deal with development in and adjacent to each of the different settlement hierarchies.
2. Update Finningham settlement boundary to include Highbank Meadow.
3. Allocate the land adjacent to Highbank Meadow for housing development.

Full text:

See attached full submission