BMSDC Joint Local Plan - Pre-Submission Reg19 (interactive) 2020

Ended on the 24 December 2020
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04 – Implementation

(3) 04.01 In accordance with national planning legislation, the adopted planning policies in Babergh and Mid Suffolk districts will be kept under review at least every 5 years. A review of the planning policies will consider whether all, or specific parts, of the suite of policies are in need of amendment. For example, in order to update for consistency with relevant national planning policies, where identified local development needs change significantly or where policies are not performing as intended.

04.02 The Councils will adopt a 'plan, monitor, manage' approach where key information regarding the Plan (such as housing delivery), and other planning document production progress will be reported in the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR). The requirements for the AMR are found in the Town & Country (Local Planning) (England) Regulations (as amended)[7].

04.03 In order to assess the performance and impacts of the Plan, a monitoring framework of indicators/data will be set out covering housing, economic and environmental issues. Data will include information which the Councils collect themselves as well as key data which is collected and reported on by other key bodies.

04.04 The following related sections are set out in the Appendices to the Plan

Appendix 01 – Housing trajectory

Appendix 02 – Monitoring framework

Appendix 03 – Schedule of superseded policies

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